I embarked on this project over a year ago, with a singular purpose: to increase understanding of and empathy towards immigrantsand to move us, as a country, towards a more humane, compassionate, and integrated society.

My vision is to bring this collection of immigrant portraits and stories, as a traveling exhibit, to those who can benefit most from its message and whose votes will most likely determine the next Presidential election: our legislatures and residents of  ‘purple’ states.

For the past year, I have worked pro-bono , but the cost of a cross-country traveling exhibit is substantial. You can help make it possible by  contributing to this important work in one or more of the following  ways:

1. Donate
Funds will be used for printing, editing narratives for exhibits, freight and publicity. I would be happy to include your name as a supporter  in the traveling exhibits. A donation in any amount would be welcome and donations over $100 will be acknowledged in the traveling exhibits.

2. Host a fundraiser
If you know of others who might find this work compelling, and are willing to host a fundraiser, I would be delighted to make a presentation and invite some of the very well spoken immigrants who have participated in this project to share their stories.

3. Suggest or possibly arrange venues for the exhibit

Mark Tuschman

If you are interested in having an exhibit of this work, or sponsoring a fundraiser, please contact me by filling out the contact form from this website.

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