Farm Worker

I came here from Mexico when I was 21 years old and have been living here in California for 22 years.  I came legally with a passport so it was easy for me. I just stayed longer.

I have been working in agriculture but this is my first job with this farm. I was a cashier in Los Angeles, and also I had my own little business going with house cleaning. I’m earning more money now because in agriculture you can work more hours. I’m a single mom. For seven years, I have been a single mom and it’s just easy for me to have a steady job to support my kids.

Now, I can support my family in Mexico and my family here in the United States.

Coming here, we want to work. We want to make money. We want to support our families. We don’t want to bother anybody. We want to stay together with our kids. It’s really painful to see families torn apart.

I haven’t been to Mexico in seventeen years. My mom died last September. I was afraid to take the chance  to leave the country. I really wanted to see her before she died.