In 2006 I started my own farming business with my wife María.

When people ask me how I contribute to this country, it is difficult for me to answer. I can’t describe it. I do not want to sin of vanity. I am very modest, and it is difficult to know if what one does has an impact or not. I wouldn’t know how to measure it. I’m not good at talking. I believe that in order to see the impact of us as farmers in our community, we only see it or feel it when people recognize my work and express it.

I am terrible at selling; the good thing is that I have my wife and son for that. I do not have so much direct contact with people because I am dedicated to the production, but I can recognize that I am a good worker, a good farmer. I handle all aspects of food growth. Sometimes, I don’t have time to visualize how much I contributed. The most important thing is that I am producing healthy food for the community, creating jobs, caring for the environment, and sharing knowledge when I can.

Migrations of people are always going to happen. Families will always seek to migrate to more economically stable countries. The U.S. in the past has had immigration reforms (last time in 1986 with Reagan) that have worked. Maybe, the U.S. can implement work visa programs like H2A. The conservatives are afraid to use its resources on more people than it could handle. For us, Mexicans, there is no interest in living and making a family here. The interest is to work.

To those who are already here, help them regularize their immigration status. People are working, paying taxes, paying for permits, etc., without receiving any benefit from this government. No to corruption, no to the enrichment of a small group, nothing more, regardless of the collective group.

When I retire, I want to return to my land to live. Thank you for considering my work and person, this motivates me to continue.