El Salvador

Home Care Assistant


My name is Delmy and I am originally from El Salvador.

I work in home support services. I help disabled people who can’t do anything by themselves. I have one client that I work for in the afternoon. In the morning I go to school. I am studying English but my main goal is to become a radiology technician so I am taking classes in biology and math.

Upwards Scholar, a local non-profit, helps me with all my educational expenses. They provide funds so I can buy my textbooks, which are very expensive. They also gave me a laptop and I also have a tutor to help me succeed.

We came here because we want to progress and help other people, but one thing that we can do here is to start learning English. Because sometime, people don’t like that we speak Spanish. And we’re here, so if we want to communicate with other people we have to learn English and start doing something for us to be better.

I never found people that are mean to me, I always find good people, good American people. So I think we have to keep learning and keep trying to be better so maybe one day all the people that don’t accept us can accept us. We are not trying to take jobs from anyone. I try to work and study so I can contribute.