Carlos Daniel

Oaxaca Mexico


In Oaxaca we have no land to plant and it is not possible to live a decent life with your family. I came here in 2007 and spent ten years harvesting green peas for commercial non-organic farms.

The ALBA, a non- profit program that trained me to be my own organic farmer, helped me to start my own business. My kids were growing so I wanted to be involved with them and be part of the farming business. I did not want them to be in the streets.

My goal is to grow as a farmer and have 8-10 acres of land. Right now, I lease but next year maybe I can buy a little. My dream is to have my own land and for my kids to study and maybe become agronomists.

Right now, I sell wholesale but prices are very low. I do not have the ability to go to the farmer’s markets because I am working alone. Perhaps in 2 years my kids will be 18 and it could work.

Without us growing and harvesting food, it would be hard for the country. This is a hard job. Sometimes, we spend from twelve to thirteen hours a day working in the fields. We are the one who provide food to thousands of people.

I would like the president to sign an immigration reform law. Right now, I have no papers and because of that I lack some support. It would be great to get our papers. Farmers and agricultural workers deserve papers and to feel secure.